The floor of your home will get plenty of wear and tear over time. Although some marks and blemishes can be easily wiped out with a buff and refinish, or in some cases help accentuate the woods’ character, there is a limit to what your hardwood floors can take. In some instances, little markings can accentuate the character of your flooring. However, there is a limit to what your hardwood floor can take and eventually you’ll need to consider replacing your hardwood floor. If you’re unsure when the correct time is to replace your hardwood floor, here are a few things to look out for:

You’ve Refinished Your Hardwood Flooring Too Frequently

As a homeowner with hardwood flooring, you’ll want to perform routine maintenance on them to ensure it looks brand new, as well as to erase any scuffs or blemishes that exist. During the refinishing process, musicales amounts of wood are extracted from your floor. There comes the point where you can no longer refinish your hardwood flooring because the floorboard will become too narrow. If you’ve refinished your hardwood floor four or more times, it may be time to consider investing in a new floor.

Your Hardwood Flooring Has Been Damaged by Water

Having your hardwood refinished works amazingly for scuffs and other physical blemishes, however, the options to repair water damage on your hardwood floor are significantly lower. Flooding is the most common reason for water damage, and if flooding were to occur atop your hardwood floor, you might notice a series of issues following the water being dried up. If you see that your hardwood floor is contorted, flaking or if the boards are beginning to separate from each other, it may be wise to have your hardwood floor replaced.

You Want A Stylistic Change

Every homeowner we’ve ever had the pleasure to have met is unique, and each one wants something different when it comes to their flooring. If you, like many homeowners, didn’t have a say in the style of flooring when you moved into your home, or you’re simply tired of the same old design, you may want to consider investing in new hardwood floors. Some things that you may wish to change are the dimensions of your floor planks, the colour of the hardwood floor, as well as the positional orientation of the floorboards. Some homeowners opt to change their floorboards from a vertical position to a diagonal position and vice versa.

Hardwood floors remain the most popular flooring option for homeowners in Canada, but the only way you’ll be able to enjoy all its benefits is if you take special care of it. For more information on the hardwood flooring and the options available to you, contact Gemini Designs Inc. today!