Your front door is your home’s centre of attention; it typically commands the gaze of visitors when they approach your home. Unfortunately, when it comes to home upgrades, front doors often fail to receive the attention they deserve. When it comes to custom made front doors, we’re enthusiasts! We want all homeowners in North York and the Greater Toronto Area to feel as excited about their front door as we do. So, how do homeowners know when it’s time to make a front door upgrade? Here are four signs to look out for:


You Can Feel A Draft


The clearest sign that there is something wrong with the effectiveness of your front door is that you can feel a draft come through even when the door is shut. if you’re feeling a cold draft, consider contacting your local home renovation experts to inspect the condition of your door.


It’s Stylistically Out of Date


Every element of your home has a “shelf life,” meaning, there will come a time where it no longer serves its purpose, or there are better solutions available on the market. If you’ve had the same front door for the last 10-15 years, you may be looking for a stylistic change that can be found with a custom-made front door by Gemini Designs. If you feel the need to invigorate new energy into your household, consider investing in a new custom front door.


Difficult to Close and Open


Doors are not insusceptible to warping as they embrace weather elements over the years. This can result in difficulties when you try opening or closing your front door. To be clear, opening and shutting your front door should be a seamless process, and if it feels like you’re fighting to open or close it, it is time to consider investing in a new custom front door.


It Is Damaging Your Floor


Just as your door is unprotected from eventual warping, your door is also vulnerable to sagging. Sagging can be especially concerning for homeowners because it may scrape their floors as they open and shut it. If your flooring is hardwood, this can lead to scratches that can be incredibly expensive to fix. Having a custom front door installed by a home renovation specialist will ensure that your doors are correctly positioned to prevent floor scraping.


At Gemini Designs, the doors we provide homeowners are unmatched in terms of choice, design, and energy efficiency. Our doors will be installed for you by professional home renovators to ensure that it remains effective for the next decade. For more information on custom door installations, contact Gemini Designs today!