Maintaining your living space can be a major nuisance. You already work so hard in your career, that coming home should equate to rest & relaxation, not chores. When it comes to messes and disorganization, many homeowners turn towards their closets to find an assortment of unravelled shirts & pants, which clutter their ability to pick their outfits. Walk-in closets have become an increasingly popular home addition, with many homeowners reaching out for estimates. Not only can they make accessing your clothes more comfortable, but when installed correctly, they can increase your home’s resale value. Here are three reasons to consider adding a walk-in closet to your home.


The main reason that walk-in closets have become an attractive home upgrade is that they improve your ability to locate clothes, try on different outfits, and provide you with a suitable location to do all your folding and ironing. Many homeowners will add full-length mirrors to their closet walls to give them a place to do makeup and other beauty routines.

They’re Cost-Effective

It may seem bizarre to insinuate that walk-in closets could indeed be a cost-effective home upgrade, but it’s true! In most cases, walk-in closets are a cheaper solution than creating a standard wardrobe cabinet. Many of the homeowners that decide to implement a walk-in closet have unused space (i.e. underneath staircases), which makes it structurally easy to complete. Creating a walk-in closet that will require a hefty amount of structural work will end up costing the homeowner more money.

They Make Your House More Appealing & Attractive 

Many homeowners fall in love with the idea of a walk-in closet due to practicality, but the major reason they’re so popular is that they genuinely make your home look richer and more organized. While more uncommon in older homes, nowadays, you’ll rarely see a new home constructed without a walk-in option. Walk-in closets are a long-term investment; as previously mentioned, adding one to your master bedroom can significantly improve your home’s resale value.

Better for Your Clothes

A walk-in closet is the best possible storage solution for your clothing. Walk-in closets boast a better opportunity for ventilation, which will reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth. Clothes will also end up smelling fresher than they would in a traditional closet; stuffing clothes that haven’t 100% dried after being washed may leave a lingering smell.

Adding a walk-in closet to your master bedroom is a wonderful opportunity to improve the functionality of your storage space and make it easier to find your outfits. On top of that, they are a cost-effective addition that also adds to your home’s resale value. For more information on a walk-in closet addition, contact Gemini Designs today!