4 Signs It’s Time to Invest in A Front Door Upgrade

Your front door is your home’s centre of attention; it typically commands the gaze of visitors when they approach your home. Unfortunately, when it comes to home upgrades, front doors often fail to receive the attention they deserve. When it comes to custom made front doors, we’re enthusiasts! We want all homeowners in North York [...]

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4 Reasons to Add A Walk-In Closet

Maintaining your living space can be a major nuisance. You already work so hard in your career, that coming home should equate to rest & relaxation, not chores. When it comes to messes and disorganization, many homeowners turn towards their closets to find an assortment of unravelled shirts & pants, [...]

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How to Know When You Need to Replace Your Hardwood Floors

The floor of your home will get plenty of wear and tear over time. Although some marks and blemishes can be easily wiped out with a buff and refinish, or in some cases help accentuate the woods’ character, there is a limit to what your hardwood floors can take. In [...]

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